Skin Soap

CLASSIC Skin Soap system is a fairness soap that containes derma lite specially formalated extrauct developed under super vision of INSTITUTE SOCIETE GENERALLY R & D lABRORATOIRE France. Derma lite contains a highly concentrated, standardized songyi mushroom, extract hexyl Nicotine, titanium dioxide , vitamin c phosphate, tyrosine, Peptides & calcium Lactate.
Classic Skin Soap Works on a twin Whitening system.
Immediate skin Whitening is a caused through micronized minute-beta sisterol .
Long-term Skin whitening is achived through dermalite; A unique bio-herbal extract consiting of amino acids , powerful-anti oxdiants , minerals and vitamins that whitens skin transdermally.


Use Classic Skin soap 2 times a day in the morning and evening begun by a gently lathering the face and whole body for three minutes or more. Gently scrub and message the later covering all Ares of the body which includes the face, neck, arm , abdomen, thighs and legs. Use extra lather on problematic dark areas of your skin. After 3 minutes or more, gently rinses or shower of the lathered area with water.
It is important to note that the longer u lather the skin , the better more efficient the desired result.
In 2-4 weeks of repeated use as a per direction specified, you will notice marked deferens in the color and tone of your skin continue using classic glow white cream for long-term skin Whitening